Spicing Up Missionary Sex: Tips from 13 Guys

Looking to add some excitement to your bedroom routine? There are plenty of fun and creative ways to spice up your intimate time with your partner. From trying out new positions to incorporating toys and accessories, there are endless possibilities for adding some sizzle to your sex life. Whether you're looking to switch things up or just want to try something new, these tips are sure to bring some extra heat to your time between the sheets. So why not swing into Detroit and find your perfect hookup to put these tips to the test?

Missionary sex might seem like a basic position, but it can be incredibly intimate and pleasurable when done right. To help you make the most of this classic position, we asked 13 guys for their top tips on how to make missionary sex better. From communication to creativity, here are their insights on how to take your missionary sex to the next level.

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Communication is Key

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When it comes to making missionary sex better, communication is key. Many guys emphasized the importance of talking to your partner about what feels good and what doesn't. One guy shared, "I always ask my partner if they like the angle or if they want me to go deeper or slower. It's important to communicate and make sure both partners are enjoying themselves."

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Another guy emphasized the importance of verbal and non-verbal communication, saying, "I pay attention to my partner's body language and listen to their moans. It helps me understand what they like and what they don't."

Experiment with Angles and Positions

Several guys suggested experimenting with different angles and positions to make missionary sex more exciting. One guy recommended trying variations of the missionary position, such as placing a pillow under the receiving partner's hips to change the angle of penetration.

Another guy shared his favorite variation, saying, "I love lifting my partner's legs and resting them on my shoulders. It allows for deeper penetration and feels amazing for both of us."

Focus on Foreplay

Foreplay is another key aspect of making missionary sex better, according to the guys we interviewed. One guy stressed the importance of taking the time to build anticipation and arousal before getting into the missionary position. "Foreplay is crucial for setting the mood and ensuring both partners are fully turned on," he said.

Another guy recommended incorporating sensual touching and kissing into foreplay, saying, "I love to kiss my partner's neck and run my hands all over their body. It creates a strong connection and makes the missionary position even more intimate."

Use Props and Accessories

Adding props and accessories to missionary sex can also enhance the experience, according to the guys we spoke to. One guy suggested using a blindfold to heighten sensations and build anticipation. "Blindfolding my partner during missionary sex adds an element of surprise and excitement," he explained.

Another guy recommended incorporating sex toys into missionary sex, saying, "Using a vibrator on my partner's clitoris while in the missionary position takes pleasure to a whole new level."

Focus on Connection

For many of the guys we interviewed, the key to making missionary sex better was focusing on the emotional and physical connection with their partner. One guy emphasized the importance of maintaining eye contact and staying present in the moment. "I love looking into my partner's eyes during missionary sex. It deepens our connection and makes the experience incredibly intimate," he said.

Another guy highlighted the role of emotional connection, saying, "I make sure to express my love and appreciation for my partner during missionary sex. It creates a deeper bond and makes the experience more meaningful for both of us."


Missionary sex doesn't have to be predictable or boring. By incorporating communication, experimentation, foreplay, props, and a focus on connection, you can make this classic position more exciting and fulfilling for both you and your partner. Whether it's trying new angles, using accessories, or simply focusing on emotional intimacy, there are plenty of ways to elevate your missionary sex experience. So take these tips from 13 guys and start exploring how to make missionary sex better for you and your partner.